The Bunny Brooch

The Bunny Brooch


Don't you love pets? These little fellows always hang around & you can bring them wherever you go! 

No pooping, hairs or cleaning! Only the fun side! 


I make them all by hand, so they are all unique. Every animal has it's own character and expression. Made of Limoge porcelain and fired 3 times in the kiln. 


I am sure this little friend would love you to be its new owner!   





· Material: Limoges porcelain clay

· Finish: Transparant glazed at 1240ºC, pink and black accents glazed at 780ºC

· Metal: The pin is 18 karat gold plated 

· Size animal: +/- 6 x 3 cm

· Maintenance: This product does not require special maintenance. Please store it in a box when not using it and don’t forget it is still a delicate material that should be handled with care :)


Please note that every item is unique and could show some small imperfections. We hope you understand that this is the beauty of handcrafted design. 

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