The Fan Stud Earring

The Fan Stud Earring

€ 39,00Prijs


A tiny fan-shaped stud earring. Handcrafted with Limoges porcelain and fired 3 times in the kiln. They have a shiny transparent glaze finish with a 24 carat gold striped detail. 





· Material: Transparent glazed porcelain, with 24 carat gold luster glaze accents

· Metal: The pins are 18 k gold plated, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

· Process: Totally traditional process and environmental friendly.

· Size: +/- 2.5x1.5 cm 

· Finish: Glazed at 1240ºC, 24 carat gold accents glazed at 780ºC 

· Maintenance: This product does not require special maintenance. Please store it in a box for protection and don't forget it is still a delicate material that should be handled with care :)



Please note that every item is unique and could show some small imperfections. We hope you understand that this is the beauty of handcrafted design.